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  • Horrors of the sands
    This expansion pack introduces creatures from Arabian folklore: The Mummy, Djinn, Efreet and Ghoul along with their nemesis: The Assassin, Djinn Trapper, Gypsy and Maharib Town Heroes, as well as the Yunfakh Hunters!
  • greed & fury

    greed & fury


    Scandinavian and Scottish legends spring to life in the Greed & Fury add on! The Draugr, Red Cap, Celt and Shield Maiden are ready to jump into the fray!
  • terror & anguish
    Ageless and accursed evils are wrought in the Terror & Anguish add on! The Sandman, Werewolf, Plague Doctor and Illusionist are set to do battle!
  • fear & torment
    Ancient horrors of England spring to life in the Fear & Torment add on! Spring Heeled Jack, Black Annis, The Battle Mage and The Exorcist stand ready to enter into vicious combat!
  • dread & Malice
    Infamous horrors known the world over appear in the Dread & Malice add on! Krampus, The Boogeyman, The Engineer and The Berserker are set to engage in an age old conflict!
  • doom & suffering
    Fallen Gods and cursed immortals are contained within the Doom & Suffering add on! Wode of the Wild Hunt, Jack of the Lantern, The Paladin and The Druid have readied themselves for epic confrontation!
  • wrath & ruin

    wrath & ruin


    (Part of your Pitchfork Pledge) Twisted denizens of the ancient forests are unleashed in the Wrath & Ruin add on! The Leshy, Glaistig, Pathfinder and Jailor are set to clash in vicious battle!
  • rage & Avarice
    (Part of your Pitchfork Pledge) Otherworldly predators of the Americas are contained in the Rage & Avarice add on! The Wendigo, Baykok, Wind Dancer and Path Finder are prepared for the skirmish!
  • Despair & Abhorrence
    (Part of your Pitchfork Pledge) Creatures of Slavic nightmares are set loose in the Despair & Abhorrence add on! Baba Yaga, The Vodyanoy, The Fisherman and The Portal Mage look prone to engage in a merciless struggle!



    Don't want to miss out on any of the add ons or expansion packs? The All-in Bundle contains all 5 monster add ons not included in the Pitchfork pledge, as well as the Horrors of the Sands expansion bundled together with a 10% discount!
  • The Troll

    The Troll


    A formidable beast of incredible power, the Troll cannot be stopped!


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