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Village Attacks Pledge Manager

A warm welcome from the team at Grimlord Games to the pledge manager for Village Attacks live until 1st August 2017.
  • 4 resin town hero
    Don't forget the core town heroes: Skald, the Grave Digger, Bounty Hunter and Alchemist, also available in resin to purchase.
  • 4 resin monsters
    Want resin versions of the core game town monsters to play with or simply to paint? Get The Vampire, Dullahan, Lich and Banshee here.
  • The Troll

    The Troll


    A formidable beast of incredible power, the Troll cannot be stopped!
    Need extra clip on bases for this or other games? Select this this Clip On Base pack which contains 25 character colour match clip on bases.
    Want to create your own epic scenarios and maps of the game? Purchase this extra set of game tiles to create vast and intricate castle interiors. (Tiles are identical to those provided in the core game)
  • 3D TRAPS

    3D TRAPS


    10 sculpted miniature 3D traps, including the Log Ram, Portal Trap, Chandelier Trap, Fire Trap, Swinging Blades, Spike Pit, Treasure Horde, Boulder Trap, Crushing Wall and Mimic Chest.


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